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We Call It Strength In Numbers

The assurance of being part of a network of professionals, sharing in a portfolio of already successful businesses, and benefiting from experienced managers to run your businesses

Welcome To Altax Group Of Companies

The Altax Group of Companies was founded in conjunction with alliance partners to focus on strategic investments in specific pre-identified sectors of the economy.  Our unique and value added investment approach creates opportunities for partners and employees. We constantly align ourselves with local and global economic trends and aim to contribute constructively to the bigger economic environment.

The Altax Group believes , that in an environment of continual change in opportunities and specifically within the South African and African markets, we must focus on an approach of

– collective input,

– innovative thinking and

– process driven solutions, to ensure sustainable investment and wealth creation.

The Altax Group as an innovative group of businessmen value our employees and strategic partners. We focus on investment solutions that complement the economic environment in which we contribute to sustainable job and wealth creation

The Altax Group  is  regulated and licensed as prescribed by the regulatory institutions and are the therefore also in possession of:

  • above average proven resources, and systems
  • experienced, dedicated and solution orientated personnel
  • highly effective financial practices
  •  innovative range of products
  • state of the art technology and systems
  • strategic and dynamic alliance partners.

Our actual right of existence can be found in our value system which is maintained through constant and positive interaction with the market.


The Journey to Financial Success


A Unique Investor Experience Begins Here.

The ALTAX Group has strived to develop a unique system to provide individuals and investors with a unique wealth experience. With our experienced and strategic partners and advisors we will help our clients clarify, prioritize and achieve their goals.

Our clients face many important questions and decisions about their new investment/s and future investments, and we here to assist them all the way.

“One piece of wood creates a small fire adequate to warm you up. Just add a few more pieces of wood to create an immense bonfire, large enough to warm up your entire circle of friends…
…needless to say, individuality counts, but teamwork, amplifies and strengthens the collective” ……this, the reason
for the Altax Group of Companies believing in a strength-based partnership approach in conducting business…