The Altax Group is a group of companies that are duly registered and incorporated under the Companies Act 2006, as a group of private companies with their main offices located at 19 Frikkie de Beer Street, Menlyn Maine, Pretoria, Gauteng Province, South Africa.

Altax International, in conjunction with international value-chain partners and associated companies, is involved in projects throughout the world such as India, Singapore, Africa, and South America with offices where necessary.
The Altax Group believes that in a scenario of continual economic changes, opportunities are unlocked by:

▪ collective inputs,
▪ innovative thinking and
▪ process-driven products and services.

This will create sustainable projects in order to create prosperity for the communities where our projects are running.
Within the South African and African context, the Altax Group identified:

▪ job creation,
▪ food security,
▪ manufacturing and
▪ skills training, as key sectors and fundamental to the projects.

The Altax Group, as an innovative group of businessmen, who values our clients, employees, and communities. Therefore, the focus is on investments that address sustainability and wealth creation.
The Altax Group is a well-regulated and licensed group of companies and in possession of:

▪ above average proven resources, and systems
▪ experienced, dedicated and solution orientated personnel
▪ highly effective and controlled financial practices
▪ a highly innovative market approach
▪ state of the art technology and systems
▪ strategic and dynamic alliance partners where necessary.

Our right of existence can be found in our value system, which is maintained through constant and positive interaction with the market.
With the collective input of the group of subsidiaries, the Altax Group believes in a scenario of continual change and opportunities in which our collective input, innovative thinking, and process-driven products and services, create sustainability of the projects with focus areas mentioned below:

▪ Healthcare,
▪ food security,
▪ manufacturing,
▪ skills training,
▪ green technology.