In Adopting a strong partnership philosophy to invest, combined with uncompromising moral and ethical standards and a concerted focus on environmental, social and governance issues, the Altax Group  is a prominent investor, which invests in a wide range of sectors and companies.

The Altax Group operates as a independent private equity fund manager that invests capital directly on a on-balance sheet principle, giving it the advantage of  a hands-on approach to the investment environment. The team is able to leverage and access extensive resources and support from within the Altax Group to achieve the most innovative and attractive funding solutions for all stakeholders concerned.

The Altax Group is managed by a team of investment and technical professionals all of whom have extensive investment experience in a wide range of industries. 


The Altax Group are building a diversified portfolio of sustainable industries that will enrich the quality of life of millions of people in emerging markets. Within the South African and African context, the Altax Group identified the following key sectors as fundamental to the projects:

-wildlife and tourism

-food security


skills training


The Altax Group is an owner management company with experts from all sectors of the financial, industrial and building industries. Jointly our team manage and assist with all aspects of projects and developments from start to finish.


The Altax Group also have access to private funding used to support greenfield and speculative ventures, usually businesses with high growth potential. A typical venture capital investment involves the business owner giving up equity (in the form of a share in the business) to the venture capitalist in return for funding. Key components in the decision of a venture capital firm to fund a business start-up is a strong business plan and the possibility of better-than-average returns.

The funding process

“An in-depth understanding of any business assists us in negotiating a mutually satisfactory transaction and adding value over the term of our involvement“

In-principle stage:

  • Gather high level information and accept at face value
  • Determine a fair value and structure for the deal
  • Agree transaction parameters with sellers and/or management
  • Obtain in-principle approval from investment committee
  • Timing can vary, but generally will take approximately ten days from agreeing

 Due diligence and documentation stage:

  • Perform business, financial, technical, legal and tax due diligence
  • Obtain final approval from investment committee
  • Draft and conclude legal and shareholders agreements
  • Timing will vary and depends on the timeous availability of information

Financial management

  • Financial management refers to the efficient and effective management of money (funds) in such a manner as to accomplish the objectives of the organization. It is the specialized function directly associated with the TOP management. 

 The Altax Group to ensure all projects comply with a generally recognised accounting practices.  This includes:

  • The operation of basic financial management systems, including internal controls in departments and any entities they control to ensure that projects do not overspend their budgets. It includes, how to raise the capital, how to allocate it  i.e. capital budgeting. Not only long term budgeting but also how to allocate the short term resources, like current assets. It also deals with the dividend policies of the shareholders. 
  • Monthly cash flow verification, financial approval process and funding release to report on a monthly and annual basis, including the submission of annual financial statements two months after the end of a financial year. 
  • Publish annual reports in a prescribed format which will introduce performance reporting.

Corporate Governance

  • The Altax Group’s Corporate Governance Methodology is a system of evaluating corporate governance risks and opportunities of client companies, applying the relevant set of tools in the  areas of commitment to good corporate governance practices, shareholder rights and board of directors accountability. 
  • The Altax Group brings together staff from investment support and advisory operations into a single, global team.

This unified team advises on all aspects of corporate governance and offers targeted client services in areas such as increasing board effectiveness, improving the control environment, and family business governance .


  • Building a scalable and sustainable business model
  • Setting up a strategic plan
  • How to create value in a business
  • Financial Director type support
  • Financial management tools
  • Corporate governance
  • Budgets
  • Financial reports
  • Internal controls
  • External and internal auditing




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