Altax Private Investment (PTY) Ltd

Focus Area: Facilitates funding and invest in strategic and pre-identified sectors and industries that compliment our vision of business activities and supports our business plan. Investments are conducted within the framework of our set of business ethics in sectors where the emphasis is on: Human upliftment; Job creation; and Food security.

Altax Food Security (PTY) Ltd

Focus Area: Altax Food Security is focused on the full spectrum of the basic food chain with a bulk-to-consumer approach. Our capacity to diversify within this sector enable us to have a no-waste business model where our products address the massive need from human food to animal feed.This is a division that is making a difference when it comes to the humanitarian and job creating space.

Altax Management Service (PTY) Ltd

Focus Area: All required support services namely Human Recourses, Legal, Information Technology and Compliance are typical services that are rendered by this business unit. The hands-on approach by highly skilled and trained staff is complimentary to the bigger business culture.

Altax Minerals (PTY) Ltd

Focus Area: This division is an aggressive contributor to the South African GDP. The innovative and state of the art approach of Altax Minerals, to this sector makes this division a leader in the so called green mining players. Creating job opportunities with skills development and training as focus is essential to this division.

Altax Logistics (PTY) Ltd

Focus Area: Based on the essential need of logistic services within the Altax business divisions, Altax Logistics service is a necessity in the day-to-day business operations. This in-house, cross border and local logistic service contributes to the cost effectiveness of all divisions.

Altax Wildlife Africa (PTY) Ltd

Focus Area: Within our vision, this division is a pre-identified sector and contributor to one of the most valuable export products of South Africa, namely the tourism industry. Altax Wildlife Africa is the custodian in this sector and we pride ourselves on the unique tourism destinations managed under this division.

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